Alan Davis
(Kaiwi Shoreline Trail)


0.5Mi/ 0.8km(10-30Mins)

Difficulty: Easy

Park Time: Sunrise-Sunset

Parking: Free parking in the Kaiwi parking lot

What to expect:
Alan Davis Beach is an amazing, well-hidden cove below the Makapuu Lighthouse (small detour from the Makapuu Lighthouse Trail). Once a secret gem of the island, the Alan Davis beach now has an obvious open public access trail (Kaiwi Shoreline Trail). Park in the Kaiwi lot and take the trail that leads down to the marsh area (TOWARD THE WATER), not the paved one that leads up the ridge to the lighthouse. Walk about 5-10 minutes and you'll find yourself at the picture perfect swimming cove.

Alan Davis has two wooden planks (2x4's) that allow you to dive, jump or flip into the water! Its only a 5 foot jump, but still makes for a fun filled day in the sun. 

- Kid Friendly
- Pet Friendly
- Not a lot of shade, may want to bring sunscreen or pop-up. 

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