Mt. Ka'ala


6.7 Mi/11KM (4-8 Hours)

Difficulty: Hard

Elevation: 4020/ 640m

Time: Sunrise-Sunset

Fee: None

Parking: North end of Waianae Valley Rd

What to expect: The Mt. Ka'ala trail is a long and strenuous hike to the tallest peak in Oahu. The trail begins at the end of Waianae Valley Rd. The path is easy to follow, well marked and done by many avid hikers on the island. The trail includes some bouldering with some sketchy ropes involved. Once near the top you will see sign that guide you to the peak and the golf ball looking satellite. The Mt. Ka'ala trail includes panoramic views of the entire island, but often is socked in with fog/clouds. Weather changes rapidly up here so be prepared.

Terrain: Dirt, vertical ridges, intermediate climbing


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