Kalihi Ice Ponds


1mi/1.6km (30min-1hr)

Difficulty: Intermediate

Elevation: 200ft

Time: Closed (On weekends) 

Fee: None

Parking: Neighborhood parking on the back of Kalihi Street before small wooden bridge. Please be respectful of where you park. (Don't park in front of the fire hydrant). 

What to expect: Kalihi Ice Ponds is currently closed to the public; There is a guard that will tell you to turn around at the beginning of the hike.

There is a fence at the end of Kalihi Street with a service road behind it, this is where the hike begins. Walk around the side of the fence and head up the road! Continue up the paved road for roughly  a mile, you will pass a small run down building on your right. You will also have to climb over several fallen trees (Very Easy). Eventually you will come across a steep drop-off on the right side of the trail, it should be marked by pink ribbons and will look heavily trafficked. Take this path, which will have ropes to help you climb down to the Ice Ponds and enjoy!

Be careful when jumping off the rocks! and be cautious, the rocks can be very slippery!  


-Bring snacks and water so you can hang out down there as long as you want! 
- The trail down to the ponds can be very muddy, don't wear nice shoes! 



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