Stairway To Heaven


2 Mi/ 3.2KM (2-4 Hours)


Difficulty: Intermediate/Advanced

Elevation Gain: 2660ft/ 810m

Time: Hike is Illegal. There is security/guard at beginning of stairs/hike. 

Fee: A hefty ticket from the police if busted. (Only police can issue a ticket) 

Parking: Parking in the neighborhood below.

What to expect: The Haiku Stairs are 3,922 steps across the Ko'olau range that leads to easily the best views on Oahu. This hike is illegal and can come with a $700+ ticket if you are caught. The stairs have to be accessed after trespassing behind Haiku neighborhood. Expect the stairs to be weathered and sometimes not trustworthy. The hike is a continuous and steep path to the old radio tower at the top of the Koolau's.

You are also able to access the stairs by hiking from the Moanalua Saddle. However if you plan to walk down the stairs make sure to park a car on both sides!

This is one of the most rewarding hikes you will experience on Oahu. The radio tower at the top was once a secret station used to transmit radio signals to navy ships!

ALWAYS check weather conditions before hiking or climbing. 

Terrain: Old busted stairs and walking panels

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