Koko Crater Arch


1Mi/ 1.6km(20min-1hr)

Difficulty: Easy

Elevation gain: 200ft/m

Park Time: Sunrise-Sunset

Fee: None

Parking: Parking at Halona Blowhole

What to expect: This fairly short hike (1.25 miles roundtrip) takes you across lava rock, to an amazing natural arch with views of the Southeast side of Oahu! The Trail begins on the Crater side of the highway, across from Halona Blowhole (you can park here). Walk to mile marker 15 along the highway, climb over the rail, head into the ravine and follow the rock ledge on the left until you find a safe way up. You will see a trail following the Ridgeline, follow it and look to your right to spot the rock arch. The arch will be easier to spot once on the Koko Head Crater. Koko Crater Arch is a great spot to whale watch in the winter season.  Moloka'i, Lana'i and Maui are sometimes visible from the arch on a very clear day! 

Wear shoes! This is a steep an rocky path, can be slippery because of how dry it is. 


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