Best Waterfall Hikes on Oahu

Hamama Falls


Hamama Falls is easily one of the top 5 waterfall hikes on Oahu. Hamama Falls is a large, waterfall, hidden in the back of Waihe'e Valley. The hike is roughly 4 miles round trip and takes around 1-2 hours depending on the time you spend at the falls. Although it may not be well known, the waterfall is one of the biggest on the island of Oahu. 

What makes this one of our favorite hikes is the swimming hole about 15 minutes into the hike, that you can cool off in, and there is even a small jump when the water is high enough! 

 The trail is easy to follow, and either dirt or gravel most of the way, which makes it an easy hike for the whole family (dogs too). 

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Kaau Crater Hike


This is by far, one of our favorite hikes on Oahu (arguably the best waterfall hike on Oahu as well). Ka'au Crater is a long, but rewarding up-stream hike with three large, beautiful waterfalls (one of which you will climb up) and a hidden crater, and a stunning view of the island from the ridgeline. If you want to experience all the best features of Hawaii in one hike, this is the one.

The hike begins with a decline into the valley, down to the river, and leads you to multiple waterfalls, and eventually to the top of the Koolaus. You will encounter three waterfalls on this beast of a hike, one of which you will actually climb up the side of. If you plan to hike Kaau Crater, you really can plan your hike around your ability (or the time you have). If you are a beginner, hike to the first waterfall and you can turn around from there. 

Be advised, this hike is EXTREMELY muddy and slippery, so if you plan to hike it please be prepared.

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Manoa Falls


For anyone visiting the Island, Manoa falls is a must see. The waterfall is both easily accessible, and accommodating to all ages and skill-levels. Not to mention that the entire area looks like a scene out of Jurassic Park (well, it is.. Some of the scenes from the original “Jurassic Park” were filmed along the hike). This hike can range from sort of muddy - to incredibly muddy, so you probably should think twice about wearing your brand new converse. 

 Arguably Oahu’s most accessible waterfall on the island, this hike boasts a 100 foot waterfall, along with stunning views of the Ko’olau mountain range and diverse array of plant life (Guava, Banyan trees, sleeping grass, eucalyptus, bamboo, ginger and more). 

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