Crouching Lion


1.5 Mi/ 2.4km (45-1HR)

Difficulty: Intermediate

Elevation: 500ft/ 150m

Time: Sunrise-Sunset.

Fee: No fee, park on roadside. 

Parking: Parking on the southeast side of Kahana Bay, across the road from trailhead. Park at own risk. Do not park on Trout Farm Rd.

What to expect: Drive past Ka'a'awa until you reach Kahana Bay. Start by parking across the road in the dirt area, on your right hand side. (Do not leave any valuables in your car, this area is prone to car break-ins). Carefully cross the street and you will see signs for the start of the trail. (You will see do not enter signs at the trailhead, this means you must hike at your own risk).

 The hike is a short dirt trail, but it is very steep. About 5 minutes into the hike, the trail will fork, the left route is a more direct (Steeper) way to the rock. The right route, however is just as good and offers stunning views of the bay. The trail will take you to the rock formation known as the "Crouching Lion" which overlooks Kahana Bay, great for taking pictures!  The trail becomes exposed and dry to the top when you reach the Crouching Lion rock. The hot sun can make this hike challenging, but you will be rewarded with the majestic views of Kahana bay and the surrounding ridges. 

Proper hiking shoes or sneakers will help when hiking on the dry dirt and steep trail. 

- DO NOT park on trout road
- don't leave valuables in car

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